Become a Birth Without Fear instructor and give confidence

Do you want to work with the Birth Without Fear method to help women and their birth partners build belief in the body’s ability to give birth?

Birth Without Fear’s instructor training is designed for midwives, doulas, pregnancy yoga and pilates instructors, physiotherapists and any other professionals working with pregnant women and childbirth. Join us in spreading the message that we can give birth safely and with confidence.

The course can be used as preparation for childbirth in your own work as a professional providing treatment and preparation for labour, or within your organisation. It can be delivered individually or in groups. The course is run by founder Susanna Heli.

Instructor course

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Become a Birth Without Fear instructor

At the moment we only offer our instructors training Live Online.

Promotional offer for 2022:
550 €


Step 1

Step 2
7-9th October in London UK (venue will be announced soon) – We study the theory of method and the childbirth class.

Step 3

For 1 month after step 2 – Home practice + follow up 4 hours (dates to be confirmed during the course.)

For more content of the different steps see description below.

The instructors training online has the following steps:

Step 1. Pre-study
You study the book Give Birth Without Fear as well as our instructor’s manual and the videos on your online study platform for our Childbirth Class.

Step 2.  3days . The method and the childbirth class 

We focus on breaking down the Childbirth Class into parts. First Susanna Heli presents each part. Then you train on each other or study in depth the different steps with your study partners in break out rooms.

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Step 3. Home Exercise + follow-up Zoom Live Online.

In the first month after step 2:
1 day where you work with a chosen partner to do the practical parts and exercises with Susanna’s guidance. You have to find your training partner yourself and it can be anyone that you know (family member, friend, colleague etc.)

Around one month after step 2:
We have a follow-up lasting approximately 4 hours to discuss how it went, time to share and answer questions. Dates to be confirmed during the course.

After all the steps you will receive your instructor’s certificate and can start working with the Birth Without Fear Method.


Method ambassador
After this you can also become a Method Ambassador for a yearly fee of 150 Euros to have access to our homepage, graphic material, manuals, power points, trainings and Zoom coaching etc.

Extended trainings after becoming a Method Ambassador:
If you have a healthcare qualification (nurse, midwife, doctor, physiotherapist etc) and want to work with our care model SAFE (the Stress And Fear Evaluation model) there will be an additional training in how to teach SAFE to healthcare staff and how to implement the method in your setting. This training is only eligible for Method Ambassadors.

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